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Web under development. Not yet finished project.


This page is only available in english.

Contact us

Ok, you arrived here to make a suggestion, maybe claiming your language is not on the list.

This is not a pro website, just something I made thinking it could be useful to keep people updated on science news. Will be adding more languages soon, but if you insist in contacting me, sure you can!

As I'm not too good on graphical design (not even in web programming, probably you noticed), if you want to make logo or header proposals, or better topic images they will be welcome (but no promise).

I've used automatic translations for other languages, so would not be strange if there's any mistake. Languages are in PHP files, in case you want to translate.

Or maybe you want to contact for advertising or any other business proposal. Currently ads use Google Adsense service. Of course I am open to negotiate, but I like keeping things simple.

Please use my Telegram @OfflerE, better in english or spanish. I will work in placing a contact form here soon.


  • Will it keep always free?
  • Yes, links are provided by users, so there's no intention to take money for their efforts.

  • Why are there advertisements?
  • Well, I like money as much as you do, and my time, hosting, domain, etc. need to be covered. Maybe it could cover some trips too (either related with website or not).

  • Which languages will be added?
  • Will decide on the march, and depending on visitors requests too. Teorethically those with more science publicacions or population... and I am aware there are many missing specially in Europe (That could kill me for ignoring them).

  • Why some languages show strange characters?
  • I will suppose you don't mean their standard characters (like Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Arab, etc.). Some websites use special encodings (Not UTF-8)) that show wrong when we link them. I try to fix the wrong encodings one by one (well, set rules for all websites with same encodings) manually, so sorry if there's anything still missing.

  • Can you add a feature that makes ....
  • I try to keep it simply, so it doesn't depend on maintenance or upgrading programming, or taking too much time. Just being useful is enough. Maybe some special features can be added in future just because I want to practice, but this is a website "as is". So, don't expect big improvements.

  • It would be great to have a forum for users to share ideas !
  • Behind the idea of is that may people can find and share many scientific resources. So, I am sure a forum where you could meet and talk would be wonderful. But it would be high resource consuming, would need to organize moderation, sometimes mediation ... If someone makes a forum I will be happy to link, but I consider it a big time and server resources consumer, and right now is not on my plans. Anyway we could make a Telegram group if you are interested (I have WeChat too for chinese!).

  • Will you make it open source?
  • No, my programming skills are too low, Really. Website is not very beautiful but the programming, even if it works, is awful. It would be a shame to share code, and anyone with programming knowledge can make it much better. Let's say I had an idea, and as I didn't have the money to hire someone I just wanted to proof the concept, not as much interested in making it in an efficient and/or good way.

  • How much time did it take to make the website?
  • About a week, but probably could have been done in 2 days if I wasn't playing games and watching TV series so much. In fact I suppose a programmer would take longer, because he would like to do things in a much better way.

  • How did the concept came to you?
  • With covid-19 striking hard, no much work and too much spare time, there was a lot of time for thinking.

  • Where are you located?
  • I'm near Barcelona, Spain, Europe .... not in the big town.

  • Do you accept donations?
  • Eyyy, you don't need to donate! But if you want to invite to a beer or coffee and you are not near to Barcelona (Spain), and you insist I will cheer for you. We must just find how.

  • Will you make a Patreon, Discord, etc. account?
  • I'm available in Telegram (@OfflerE). Maybe open a Facebook for website, who knows if Twitter. But this is not about me telling people anything, but about people sharing links to the interesting news they find.

  • Why just a link and not a short news summary too?
  • Well, in Spain there's a law and if your website is about linking others you must pay a lot if you include text (even a short introduction) when linking a website. That's the reason Google News closed in Spain years ago. In fact there's a debate in the European Union, even no so hard as in Spain. So I decided to just keep the link and the title.

  • Do you use cookies?
  • Must use a cookie to keep website in your preferred language, and also need to use cookies for registered users keeping identified. But rest of cookies in website come from advertisement and tracking (visitor counting) scripts, not from my programming.

  • Do you sell visitors data?
  • No, as far as I own the website nothing is going to be sold to third parties. This is valid for registered and non registered users.

  • How many people work ar
  • Just me. And I am not programmer. I have "a real job" (I mean not in website).

  • Can I apply for a position at
  • No. Right now as I said previously I am alone and this is a hobby. I wish this could turn into a business that needed to hire people.

  • Does any scientific organization, ministry , big industry or a secret order of freemasonry pay you something?
  • Would make no sense as the links are provided by users, not by me, and they are posted in order of publication.

  • Who cares on which links are valid?
  • Volunteers. Registered users have levels, and some can approve or ban links and/or users. They have no obligation, but registered users help to keep the website clean and with the right links in the right places.

  • Why is this page only available in english
  • I was too lazy to translate everything to all languages.

  • Why is there a copyright in the footer?
  • The website contents are basically links to external sites, so I am not to sue anyone for using links that are public. Anyway the GPL, open source, etc. licenses are too complicated (required more than 2 minutes reading), so, that copyright is a way to protect me rather than claim on anyone. Feel free to use anything you find here, and if you have any doubts just ask.